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Google Phone Applications
Download PicSayDownload PicSay
PicSay is an Android Application for GooglePhone. PicSay is an application for GooglePhone with the help of which you can add different effects to the shot photographs. For example, you can take a picture of yourself, your family or any place and then add interesting effects to your photographs. You can add text, balloons, headers, and other elements, will be able to correct image, make it brighter or darker and so on. You can also create the animation of images by using rich set of PicSay. The created images will display your feelings and will also talk and will be able to express your emotions. The functionality of PicSay application really impresses and gives you a full freedom of actions with any image. Thereafter you can easily share your image with other people by sending it via e-mail, adding to blog or uploading to service of keeping images.

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Google Phone Applications
Download LocaleDownload Locale
Locale is an Android Application for GooglePhone. With the help of Locale you can manage the functions of your GooglePhone more conveniently. Locale is an application that makes it possible to adjust the work of your GooglePhone depending on the place you are now in. For example, if you are currently in office, then you can set that the GooglePhone work in mute mode. If you drive a car, then you can set that your GooglePhone uses speakerphone. For working Locale uses Maps API and therefore you can mark on the map where GooglePhone should work in one mode or another. This application will be helpful to each user and will let you manage your phone more comfortably. Locale has a nice looking style with understandable functions. The simplicity of this application makes it an indispensable application for GooglePhone.

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Google Phone Applications
Download Life360Download Life360
Life360 is an Android Application for GooglePhone. Life 360 is a social application for GooglePhone that will permit you always be in touch with the environment. For example, if you have heard the siren of fire engine and worry about you relatives, then you can send them a signal and find if they are all right. You have a dog that ran away and want to find it. You can put a mark on the map, indicating the place where the dog was last spotted and know if your neighbors have seen it. Life 360 will assist you in many life situations and will let you be in touch with your relatives and stay aware about everything what is happening around you. You can mark your relatives on the map and be always aware about their health, can view their medical data and so on. If you feel bad then you can inform everyone about it by single click and people who live not far away from you will be able to instantly react to your message.

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Google Phone Applications
Download GoCartDownload GoCart
GoCart is an Android Application for GooglePhone. If you like to go shopping, look for the goods at the lowest price, want to know the feedbacks of customers about any goods, then this application is what you need. GoCart is an application for GooglePhone that will let you scan the barcode of any goods and obtain the full information about it. You can know the goods’ price, see the lowest prices for these goods, and the application will display the closest shops, where you can buy these goods at the lowest price. You can also view the information about these goods in the Internet. If you want then you can put a mark on these goods and the application will track the prices for these goods and inform you about the fall in their prices. For scanning of barcode GoCart uses GooglePhone camera. The use of application is very convenient, just move you camera along barcode and you will obtain all information you are interested in. With the help of this application you can also discuss these goods in social network by creating a note in your profile. GoCart is a convenient application for GooglePhone that will enable you to make beneficial purchasing of high quality.

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Google Phone Applications
Download EcorioDownload Ecorio
Ecorio is an Android Application for GooglePhone. Ecorio application for GooglePhone will be helpful to people who care about their health. Ecorio will let you track the amount of carbon inhaled by your and will give you worthy tips about the ways to inhale less carbon. For example, this application can track you route and will show the areas with a high level of carbon and, vice versa, areas with low level of carbon. Thus, you will be able to know the approximate amount of carbon inhaled. The application uses Android’s Maps service that lets you conveniently see your route on map. Ecorio Android Application for GooglePhone has a pleasant design and plain menu of controls and you will not have problems while working with it. The application contains a lot of functions that will help you decrease the level of carbon in your organism.

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Compare Everywhere

Google Phone Applications
Download Compare EverywhereDownload Compare Everywhere
Compare Everywhere is an Android Application for GooglePhone. Compare everywhere is an application for GooglePhone that will assist you in scanning the barcode of any goods and know any information about it. For scanning barcode Compare Everywhere uses the camera of GooglePhone. Just aim your camera at barcode on the goods and then you will be able to know the price of these goods, use GPS to find the information about the Goods, call to the goods manufacturer’s office, and find their office by using GoogleMaps and the like. Such an application will be very helpful on your GooglePhone and you will always be able to obtain full information about goods you are interested in. In the whole if you are not apathetic to the kind of goods you are purchasing then this application will be rather useful to you.

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Google Phone Applications
Download cab4meDownload cab4me
cab4me is an Android Application for GooglePhone. Cab4me is an application for GooglePhone that enables you to order a taxi without knowing the number of telephone and the address of the taxi service. The application menu is made in a form of a map that will help you to orientate yourself easily, choose the closest taxi service and call there immediately. For displaying the map cab4me application uses Google Maps service, ensuring that the work will be done well and the design is understandable. You can easily move along the map and select any closest taxi service. Such an application will be an indispensable item on GooglePhone and will permit your order a taxi. Later you will also be able to save all phone numbers of the taxi services in the contacts book of your phone. Cab4me has a nice-looking design and plain menu of controls. Working with it is easy and convenient.

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