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Download 3Bilim
3Bilim is a gadget for Google Desktop. This is a perfect gadget that will be helpful to all users reading 3Bilim web site. By means of this web site you will be able to read this web site more conveniently straight from your desktop. The gadget requires no settings and will automatically download the most recent news from this web site.

Download google gadget: 3Bilim

Android Photostream

News google applications
Download Android Photostream
Android Photostream is another Android Application. This is a simple and convenient application for viewing photographs on Flickr service. Android Photostream is an application for GooglePhone. In the beginning you will have to select the displayed name. This application shows all possibilities of Android API. You can view the activity of other users add the links to the main page, add new wallpapers and models. You will have an access to XML attributes, themes, styles, the possibilities of color selection, manipulations with images, cutting and so on. You can create shortcuts for Flickr user accounts. You can create any number of shortcuts and assign a sign for each of them. You will also have an access to the source code that you can change.

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