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Development google applications
Download CadrePersist
CadrePersist is an Android Application. This is a helpful application for developers. With the help of the given application for GooglePhone you can simply write a code, just type 2-3 lines of code and the application will suggest you alternatives for continuing. The application is connected with Android data bases. The application has also built-in Java and SQL script generator that will let you quickly generate the necessary codes.

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AllBinary Game Development Kit Showcase

Development google applications
Download AllBinary Game Development Kit Showcase
AllBinary Game Development Kit Showcase is one more Android Application. This is an excellent application for GooglePhone that will be helpful to all developers of J2ME, Android, and also PC games. IN the given application you can view the demo of MiniSpaceWars game, a space 2d game, and ZeptoRacer, a 2D race. The application will really be a helpful instrument in the hands of developer and will let you use the latest Android technologies to the full extent.

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