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Business google applications
Download ContactsSync - Sync Your T-Mobile G1 Phone with Microsoft Exchange Server
ContactsSync - Sync Your T-Mobile G1 Phone with Microsoft Exchange Server is an Android Application. With the aid of the given application you can work with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. You will be able to synchronize your contacts with other phones via Internet. Now, regardless of your location you can effortlessly import old contacts into your phone. In the whole this is a useful application that you can use to add old contacts into your phone quickly and easily.

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Business google applications
Download Placelnk
Placelnk is an Android Application. With the help of Placelnk application for GooglePhone you can inform any web site about the place of your residence. Such a method will let you conveniently explain to your clients the location of your shop, office, etc. The given application lets you easily work with a map and any other web site. You can also search for the web sites that are located near your location. For example you can find the web site of the shop that lies across the road.

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Business google applications
Download ServerUp
ServerUp is an Android Application. ServerUp application for GooglePhone will allow you check the functionality of the servers indicated by you. You can indicate the name of the host and you also need port. You can enter any number of hosts and thereafter ServerUp application will start checking them. If the server is not available then you will see a red cross or vice versa green flag. ServerUp has a lot of settings that you can adjust according to your taste and work with this application as conveniently as possible. You can adjust the method of notifying of checks by sounds or video. You can also turn the host on or off and this is especially convenient if you cannot be connected all the time. The latest version 1.0.5. ServerUp makes it possible that you work with specific hosts. This function ideally suits users that work in local network through WiFi. ServerUp was developed for starting it on the Android OS. The server also has such functions as Ping, Trace Route, and Whois. For accessing to these functions you will have to press the button on the necessary host and afterwards you will be directed to the function of menu. The speed of complete fulfilling of this operation depends on the mobile phone network or Internet connection.

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