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Web Developer

Web Development Extensions
Download Web Developer
Web Developer is an add-on for Firefox. This add-on builds a menu and a toolbar, with useful instruments for web developers, into the browser. The add-on lets you view and change the HTML, CSS and Javascript. You will always have a convenient menu and toolbar at your disposal. Such an add-on turns your browse into convenient tool for testing and adjustment of your Internet website.
Author: Chris Pederick

Download Firefox extension: Web Developer


Web Development Extensions
Download FasterfoxDownload FasterfoxDownload Fasterfox
Fasterfox is an add-on for Firefox. The add-on makes it possible that you download web pages at unbelievable speed. The add-on uses various mechanisms to considerably increase the speed of downloading Internet pages. This is happening due to changes of such parameters as managing of downloading of several pages at the same time, DNS cache and other parameters. This unique mechanism lets you avoid the delay of traffic and turns off the delay while caching Internet Pages. The add-on also has a built-on blocker of pop-up windows. This also increases the speed of downloading and saves your traffic.
Author: Tony Gentilcore.

Download Firefox extension: Fasterfox


Web Development Extensions
Download Firebug Download Firebug Download Firebug
Firebug is an add-on for Firefox. This add-on will be useful for all web developers. The add-on will enable you to view and change CSS, HTML, and JavaScript right on the required page. This add-on is easy and convenient to use, because it highlights the tags in the code. In the settings of the add-on you can turn the add-on on only for specific web site or for all websites. After you turn the add-on on a new window in the bottom side of the browser will appear and display the necessary code in there.
Author: Joe Hewitt, Firebug Working Group

Download Firefox extension: Firebug


Web Development Extensions
Download Greasemonkey
Greasemonkey is an add-on for Firefox. This add-on enables you to change the appearance of the web page with the help of JavaScript. There are a great number of ready-to-use scripts that are written for popular websites. All you left to do is to select the required script and then you will be able to write your own script for any website. For detailed instruction please visit The script is easy to use and lets you change the website out of all recognition.
Author: Aaron Boodman

Download Firefox extension: Greasemonkey


Web Development Extensions
Download Subtile
Subtile is an add-on for Firefox. With the help of this add-on you can create add-ons for Firefox. You can change the toolbar’s view, add new button to the top panel of the browser and the like. If you are a web master then you can, for example, make an add-on that will be downloaded by the visitors of your website and then the add-on will notify you about new topics on your website. This is a perfect add-on for independent work on expanding the possibilities of your browser.
Author: mig

Download Firefox extension: Subtile

iMacros for Firefox

Web Development Extensions
Download iMacros for FirefoxDownload iMacros for FirefoxDownload iMacros for Firefox
iMacros for Firefox is an add-on for Firefox. The add-on will record and thereafter repeat all the boring tasks for you. For example, you can make you add-on visit the certain websites, fill in the forms and keep the passwords. The add-on can automatically download and upload the files into Internet and so on. This is an excellent add-on that can do the tiresome job instead of you.
Author: iOpus

Download Firefox extension: iMacros for Firefox

IE Tab

Web Development Extensions
Download - IE Tab Download - IE Tab Download - IE Tab
IE Tab is a plug-in for Firefox. This plug-in is from Taiwan. The plug-in will be useful for web designers. The plug-in will let you know how the internet page will be displayed in the Internet Explorer browser. By one click you can open a new tab emulating this browser. This is an excellent plug-in for those who strives that their web site look perfect in all browsers.
Author: PCMan (Hong Jen Yee), yuoo2k.

Download - IE Tab

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