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Nightly Tester Tools

Miscellaneous Extensions
Download Nightly Tester Tools Download Nightly Tester Tools
Nightly Tester Tools is a plug-in for Firefox. This is the plug-in for the ‘Night testers’. The plug-in will be useful to all developers of plug-ins and add-ins for Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird and Toolkit Seamonkey browsers. The plug-in has such a feature as checking of compatibility with other browsers and operational systems, changing headlines, creating ID icons for search, creating screenshots and recovering the information of the past sessions of browser’s work.
Author: Mossop

Download Nightly Tester Tools

Session Manager

Miscellaneous Extensions
Download Session ManagerDownload Session Manager Download Session Manager
Session Manager is a plug-in for Firefox. This plug-in lets you recover the data of the accidentally closed pages. For example, if you are writing a large e-mail message and the power turned off or you have accidentally closed your e-mail service, then with this plug-in you will not have to write everything again. You will just continue writing you e-mail message. This is a splendid and useful plug-in, which will be indispensable for any of the Firefox users.
Author: Morac

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