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Making the StumbleUpon toolbar work with Safari and Opera

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In Opera Browser there is no such a toolbar as the StumbleUpon. Whether it is possible that the Opera and Safari browsers users can make this helpful toolbar work in their browsers? The answer is positive.

In Firefox and Internet Explorer the users can install the StumbleUpon toolbar. Nevertheless, there is no official support for Safari and Opera for this tool.

However, the users of Opera and Safari can use the StumbleUpon feature in their browsers without installing any toolbars.

To do this they have to visit and bookmark the following Uniform Resource Locator:

The URL shown above will display a virtual toolbar above the webpage. Click on the ‘Stumble’ button to begin searching for amusing and stylish internet sites.

Opera Widgets SDK beta

Opera Articles
The developers from Opera Software continue issuing of interesting and long-expected means of developments. In particular, today’s press- release states that Opera Widgets SDK beta is now available for public testing. The given tool lets create widgets both for desktop version of Opera and for mobile phones versions, supporting the work with Opera’s widgets.

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