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Google Tips and Tricks

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1. Quick Calculator
It’s not of necessity to manipulate by mouse and press bottoms to make cumbersome calculation using Windows calculator. Just enter mathematical expression (with any number of operations and parenthesis) to search engine line of Google and it’ll calculate everything rapidly. In addition the search engine can be used as handy currency converter!

Example No 1: (31337-3.14)/87
Example No 2: 600 USD in RUR

2. Glossary
Use modifier “define” to find definition of some term. You get the same result if you enter human phrase “what is” before entering the term.

Example: define:LDAP

3. Dead sites browser
Sometimes you jump to site and it’s dead. In this case cache Google will help you: a lot of documents are stored there. To realize it you should enter required URL in search line, then you click on “Saved in cache” in search engine results page.

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The New Browsers – Opera 9.5 and Firefox 3

Miscellaneous Articles
Recently the news releases of popular browsers version of Opera 9.5 and Firefox 3 were carried out. Too much information about these programs and its reviews is possible to see in Internet today. In this article we have decided to carry out the synopsis of the short review about new browsers possibilities, after that we try to carry out their contrastive analysis.
Opera 9.5

Popular browser Opera of version 9.5 produced by the creators group from Norway, is not just update of early versions, but it’s the big step forward. This version is characterized by perfected total quality of the operation. Many improvements were realized in Opera 9.5, a lot of them were aimed at the increasing of the site rendering velocity. Besides, improvements of searching by history, optimization of the site image, improvement of compatibility with operating systems and many others were carried out.

The Opera browser has won the recognition of many users for time of its existence. The program core enables to process web-pages very fast. Opera operates faster, than Microsoft Internet Explorer. However, fast rendering of site pages is not a single benefit of Opera 9.5. This browser has simple Download Manager, which enables to restore the download processes after its interruptions, IRC client, RSS client and system widgets as small applications such as calendars, calculator, notebook and etc. For this moment creators of Opera Desktop Team already released updated versions of browsers Opera 9.51 and Opera 9.52, which contained several modifications for version 9.5. Few of those essential changes are the improvement of tab drag transfer function, the correction of the problem of the program functioning with list of the search systems and improvement of stability in operation with the user JavaScript. Also several errors were corrected in late version, in accordance with program use of cash memory and function of the processing OCSP and CRL certificates. Besides, Opera 9.5 possesses perfected malware protection from fishing and scumware.

The essential imperfection of new browser is firstly commercial program. Secondly, many users confronted with the incorrect program operation when it was installed over more early versions. In order to avoid it’s recommended to install the new version of Opera after full deinstallation of the previous version, to save before this files containing list of selected site addresses and certificates.

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