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Firefox tricks

Firefox Articles
Firefox is practically endlessly adjustable and extendable browser, which can be adjusted to any requirements of the user. It can be adjusted even without plug-ins.

For example, you want to have the ‘Stop’ button disappear when the page has already downloaded, because it becomes useless then.

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Firefox and navigation tricks

Firefox Articles
In the given small manual I wanted to gather all of the navigation tricks for Mozilla Firefox. They have been collected from the Internet, carefully written down and used. I will try to emphasize only the most interesting about navigation in Firefox, avoiding the description of combinations of hot keys most of you know. These tricks are miscellaneous trifles, but they help us substantially. I’m sure that you know something from the written below. However, I think you will come across something interesting while reading the article. Well, let’s go!

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5 Firefox tricks you may not know about

Firefox Articles
I like Firefox, because when you think that you know everything about this wonderful browser, you suddenly stumble upon some pleasant surprise.

Today I have found 5 new tricks in Firefox. Maybe you already know about them… But maybe you even don’t guess that they exist.

1. Quick search without using search engine.

I’m sure that at times while viewing a certain website when you come across some new word, you will usually enter this word into the request field of the search engine. To make this I usually enter the Google address and then manually paste the necessary request into this field. But then I realized that a faster method for search exists.

Just highlight the necessary word or phrase by left clicking the mouse button. Then not releasing the left mouse button drag the highlighted text to the address line of the browser and press “Enter” key. Firefox will immediately fulfill the “I’ll succeed” request in Google basing on your text and will load the recommended website.

Another option is to drag the highlighted text into the Firefox search field (located to the right of the address line) and you will see the list of results.

2. Deleting the URL’s you have visited
When you open the list under the address line, you can see the last addresses of the websites, which you have visited. What if you want to delete a particular address of the visited website from this list, without clearing the history? Maybe you have played the online game or visited certain websites and don’t want somebody to know that.

To delete one particular address from the drop down list of the last visited websites just open the list of the last URL’s and while pointing to the definite address (don’t press the button!) press “Delete” key on a keyboard. A selected URL will be deleted from the list.

3. Navigating between the tabs with the help of the keyboard.

Instead of clicking with mouse pointer on a necessary tab, among opened tabs, why not use the keyboard for this purpose? By holding CTRL and pressing TAB keys, you may go round among adjacent open tabs ( like you switch between the windows in Windows by pressing the combination of ALT+TAB. But what if you want to go to the necessary tab straightaway? This is also possible! By pressing CTRL+2 you will go top the 2nd tab, CTRL+5 will go to the 5th tab respectively. To make finding out tabs number simpler you can download a special add-on named “Fancy Numbered Tabs” and the crosses for closing the tabs will be substituted for numbers.

4. Quick start of downloading

Instead of right clicking the mouse button on a link to select “save the object as” option in popped up menu, you can simply drag the link to “downloads” button located on panel of instruments and downloading process will start immediately. To add this button to the panel of instruments just right click it with your mouse and select “Set”. Another excellent option is installing an add-on named “ All in one Sidebar”. In this case you will be able to drag the links to it.

5. Downloading files from the websites (even protected ones)

This trick turned out a real discovery for me!

You certainly had occasions of failure of downloading images, files or videos from a webpage because the web page had been protected. As for me I like saving the pictures from However, most of these pictures are copyright protected and while trying to save the picture I obtained a 1×1 pixel sized empty picture. Earlier I avoided this by making the screenshot and cutting the necessary part. Now everything became 100 times simpler.

It turns out that you can simply right click the necessary webpage and select the “Page Information” in the popped up menu. Then you should choose the tab “Multimedia”. There you will see the list of all files for the given page. Select the necessary file and press the “Save as…” button.

I hope that you reader has found something new from the above-mentioned.

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