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Yahoo! Widgets vs. Google Gadgets. Go, go, gadget widgets!

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Yahoo! Widgets vs. Google Gadgets

These would be the words of inspector Gadget if he were Yahoo. Widget has been known earlier as Konfabulator. But alas Google uses the term “gadget” (Google gadgets) for Google Desktop application.
Sounds a little bit strange! You may already know that both these applications will make you life simpler.

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Ask MAMA what the web is

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Ask MAMA what the web is

Opera has created a search engine that shows how Internet pages are built in World Wide Web. This engine will be available for public use in the next few months and will help browser to view the structure of web pages and make it more compatible with Internet.

Today Opera has announced about the results of indexing web pages MAMA. The indexing includes the tables of styles, scripts and other web elements. From the very beginning Opera has been a leading innovator and MAMA is a proof of profound understanding of Internet by Opera Company.

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Community topic: My Opera updates raises social network to the new level.

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Community topic: My Opera updates raises social network to the new level.

Today Opera has published its new data about updating My Opera web site. The emphasis has been made on performance, design and comfortable use. Now Opera promises to become more flexible and functional place for communication, fun and creative work.

After updating My Opera its users received a personal page, which gives 1 Gb of free space. From this web page the users will be able to have an access to My Opera news as well as to RSS news feeds of their friends. In the RSS news feeds they will be able look through all their activity, comments and new records.

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Spicebird 0.7 now has Google Gadgets and Instant Messaging

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Spicebird 0.7 now has Google Gadgets and Instant Messaging
The given version works with Windows and Linux only. This new open-source version of Spicebird with e-mail client, calendar and task manager is now available for download. In the current version the errors of the previous versions were corrected and new functions were added. In particular, the given version now supports Google Gadgets, the interchange of instant messages, Google Calendar as well as experimental capabilities for blogging. You can download the new version of Spicebird 0.7 for Windows and Linux free of charge. See the full release notes for details.

The future is here. – Yahoo Widget engine in each TV set

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The future is here. – Yahoo Widget engine in each TV set
People are bored with just watching TV. Now they want to see the headlines of new mail, messages on twitter and updates in Friend feeds. In the nearest future this will be possible.

Intel and Yahoo Corporations announced that they will be broadcasting web content over TV signal so that the TV viewers will be able to browse in the Internet with the help of ordinary remote control while watching their favorite TV program.

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Informational Security – Gadgets Hosting will facilitate phishers’ life

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Robert Hansen, a Security Researcher and CEO of SecTheory, believes that domain used for hosting Google gadgets can be used by phishers.

Hansen said that can be used by phishers for bypassing antiphishing filters. Malefactor can create phishing web site on and then send the link leading to this web site to his victim. Because domain belongs to Google and is considered as a trustworthy web site then antiphishing filters will pass it and the victim will be redirected to the illegal web site.

Robert Hansen, a frequent critic of Google, informed the safety team of company about this problem, but the team replied that there is no reason to worry about. Unsatisfied with the talk, Hansen says that if they leave it as it is then this web site will definitely be used for phishing attacks.

Web widgets and Google gadgets for your Linux

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Opera issues the most recent update of Opera Mini 4.2

Only for Linux!
This open source software permits you to install and use Google gadgets and web widgets in Linux OS: Ubuntu/Debian/Suse (or in a form of a raw source)
The engine converts and allows starting the recent version of widget on a desktop and adds hundreds of tiny and convenient applications.

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Opera issues the most recent update of Opera Mini 4.2

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Opera issues the most recent update of Opera Mini 4.2
Opera has issued a preliminary view of the most recent update of Opera Mini 4.2 mobile Internet browser. New update is stated to bring closer skills in mobile web. Now this browser has a better support of YouTube and works with a greater number cell phone models.

Reinforced Opera Link will assist you in transferring notes and bookmarks from your cell phone to your PC and vice versa.

The increase in the demand for Opera Mini demonstrates that a there is a dramatic change in the mobile World. A greater number of people are using their cell phones to visit their favored web sites.

The developers of Opera Mini are persistently looking for the ways to increase the speed and comfort of mobile surfing. Opera Mini 4.2 is another step towards their goal.

At the present time, the number of Opera Mini exceeds 20 million users around the world.
What is unusual with this browser is that it is totally complimentary.

Visit Opera’s official web site to download and try it.

One billion downloads of firefox addons

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One billion downloads of addons
In other words, today Mozilla Company has bridged over the considerable threshold of 1 billion downloads of addons for Firefox browser. This threshold should have been reached in 3.5 years.

Most of these addons, of course, is not used more often than 1-2 times, but the figure shown here reminds us about the high level of Firefox platform. Which addons are most popular? FlashGot, AdBlock Plus, Video DownloadHelper, Greasemonkey (a platform by itself), Firebug loved by all and others. It is meaningless to enumerate the addons, because there a great number of different useful addons.

Google Tips and Tricks

4browser news and articles, Miscellaneous Articles

1. Quick Calculator
It’s not of necessity to manipulate by mouse and press bottoms to make cumbersome calculation using Windows calculator. Just enter mathematical expression (with any number of operations and parenthesis) to search engine line of Google and it’ll calculate everything rapidly. In addition the search engine can be used as handy currency converter!

Example No 1: (31337-3.14)/87
Example No 2: 600 USD in RUR

2. Glossary
Use modifier “define” to find definition of some term. You get the same result if you enter human phrase “what is” before entering the term.

Example: define:LDAP

3. Dead sites browser
Sometimes you jump to site and it’s dead. In this case cache Google will help you: a lot of documents are stored there. To realize it you should enter required URL in search line, then you click on “Saved in cache” in search engine results page.

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The New Browsers – Opera 9.5 and Firefox 3

Miscellaneous Articles
Recently the news releases of popular browsers version of Opera 9.5 and Firefox 3 were carried out. Too much information about these programs and its reviews is possible to see in Internet today. In this article we have decided to carry out the synopsis of the short review about new browsers possibilities, after that we try to carry out their contrastive analysis.
Opera 9.5

Popular browser Opera of version 9.5 produced by the creators group from Norway, is not just update of early versions, but it’s the big step forward. This version is characterized by perfected total quality of the operation. Many improvements were realized in Opera 9.5, a lot of them were aimed at the increasing of the site rendering velocity. Besides, improvements of searching by history, optimization of the site image, improvement of compatibility with operating systems and many others were carried out.

The Opera browser has won the recognition of many users for time of its existence. The program core enables to process web-pages very fast. Opera operates faster, than Microsoft Internet Explorer. However, fast rendering of site pages is not a single benefit of Opera 9.5. This browser has simple Download Manager, which enables to restore the download processes after its interruptions, IRC client, RSS client and system widgets as small applications such as calendars, calculator, notebook and etc. For this moment creators of Opera Desktop Team already released updated versions of browsers Opera 9.51 and Opera 9.52, which contained several modifications for version 9.5. Few of those essential changes are the improvement of tab drag transfer function, the correction of the problem of the program functioning with list of the search systems and improvement of stability in operation with the user JavaScript. Also several errors were corrected in late version, in accordance with program use of cash memory and function of the processing OCSP and CRL certificates. Besides, Opera 9.5 possesses perfected malware protection from fishing and scumware.

The essential imperfection of new browser is firstly commercial program. Secondly, many users confronted with the incorrect program operation when it was installed over more early versions. In order to avoid it’s recommended to install the new version of Opera after full deinstallation of the previous version, to save before this files containing list of selected site addresses and certificates.

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Making the StumbleUpon toolbar work with Safari and Opera

Opera Articles

In Opera Browser there is no such a toolbar as the StumbleUpon. Whether it is possible that the Opera and Safari browsers users can make this helpful toolbar work in their browsers? The answer is positive.

In Firefox and Internet Explorer the users can install the StumbleUpon toolbar. Nevertheless, there is no official support for Safari and Opera for this tool.

However, the users of Opera and Safari can use the StumbleUpon feature in their browsers without installing any toolbars.

To do this they have to visit and bookmark the following Uniform Resource Locator:

The URL shown above will display a virtual toolbar above the webpage. Click on the ‘Stumble’ button to begin searching for amusing and stylish internet sites.

Opera Widgets SDK beta

Opera Articles
The developers from Opera Software continue issuing of interesting and long-expected means of developments. In particular, today’s press- release states that Opera Widgets SDK beta is now available for public testing. The given tool lets create widgets both for desktop version of Opera and for mobile phones versions, supporting the work with Opera’s widgets.

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Firefox tricks

Firefox Articles
Firefox is practically endlessly adjustable and extendable browser, which can be adjusted to any requirements of the user. It can be adjusted even without plug-ins.

For example, you want to have the ‘Stop’ button disappear when the page has already downloaded, because it becomes useless then.

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Firefox and navigation tricks

Firefox Articles
In the given small manual I wanted to gather all of the navigation tricks for Mozilla Firefox. They have been collected from the Internet, carefully written down and used. I will try to emphasize only the most interesting about navigation in Firefox, avoiding the description of combinations of hot keys most of you know. These tricks are miscellaneous trifles, but they help us substantially. I’m sure that you know something from the written below. However, I think you will come across something interesting while reading the article. Well, let’s go!

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Sudo for Windows Vista

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Today after a hard working day I had to work a little bit more. I thought of having to readjust Zend Studio by means of fresh installed Java 1.6.0_05. and started doing so to increase Zend Studio’s performance.

To make this I had to edit bat-file, which loads Zend Studio. The file is located in Studio’s subfolder in the C:\Programs Files directory. It’s natural that the copy write belongs only to super admin (administrator). How to make the editing of this file easier?


To edit it I need to start some file manager (Total Commander, Far, explorer) from the administrator’s name and then continue editing in that file manager, or start from the administrator’s name any text editor such as notepad or any other, and then in the window with the list of files I have to select the necessary file and then edit it. Both ways seem inconvenient for me.

Without any hope in success, I have sent a request in Google saying” Sudo windows vista”. I was pleasantly surprised when I got results. Start++ utility can do what I need and even more.

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iCab 4.1.1: one more browser?

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Why do we need one more browser, especially, the one for Mac OS X. and based on WebKit’s core, if there are already a lot of them? Well, we have the WebKit itself (a leader in speed and quality of rendering, 99 points in Acid3), and Safari 3.1 for Mac OS, as well as Japanese clone Shiira. Even those who want a pay browser, there is OmniWeb:

iCab is a browser created by Alexander Klaus, a German programmer. This browser has been using its own core of HTML rendering and been remade basing on WebKit’s core:

What new features in comparison with other programs based on WebKit core can this browser offer?

In truth even after brief and superficial studies iCab turned out to have a lot of advantages as compared to other WebKit based browsers.

First of all, all modern standard functions are present: speed and the quality of rendering (approximately at the level of Safari 3.1.10), tabs, multilingual support (including Russian), unobtrusive Cocoa-design and built-in download manager, etc.

It also has other real and surprising utilities.

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5 Firefox tricks you may not know about

Firefox Articles
I like Firefox, because when you think that you know everything about this wonderful browser, you suddenly stumble upon some pleasant surprise.

Today I have found 5 new tricks in Firefox. Maybe you already know about them… But maybe you even don’t guess that they exist.

1. Quick search without using search engine.

I’m sure that at times while viewing a certain website when you come across some new word, you will usually enter this word into the request field of the search engine. To make this I usually enter the Google address and then manually paste the necessary request into this field. But then I realized that a faster method for search exists.

Just highlight the necessary word or phrase by left clicking the mouse button. Then not releasing the left mouse button drag the highlighted text to the address line of the browser and press “Enter” key. Firefox will immediately fulfill the “I’ll succeed” request in Google basing on your text and will load the recommended website.

Another option is to drag the highlighted text into the Firefox search field (located to the right of the address line) and you will see the list of results.

2. Deleting the URL’s you have visited
When you open the list under the address line, you can see the last addresses of the websites, which you have visited. What if you want to delete a particular address of the visited website from this list, without clearing the history? Maybe you have played the online game or visited certain websites and don’t want somebody to know that.

To delete one particular address from the drop down list of the last visited websites just open the list of the last URL’s and while pointing to the definite address (don’t press the button!) press “Delete” key on a keyboard. A selected URL will be deleted from the list.

3. Navigating between the tabs with the help of the keyboard.

Instead of clicking with mouse pointer on a necessary tab, among opened tabs, why not use the keyboard for this purpose? By holding CTRL and pressing TAB keys, you may go round among adjacent open tabs ( like you switch between the windows in Windows by pressing the combination of ALT+TAB. But what if you want to go to the necessary tab straightaway? This is also possible! By pressing CTRL+2 you will go top the 2nd tab, CTRL+5 will go to the 5th tab respectively. To make finding out tabs number simpler you can download a special add-on named “Fancy Numbered Tabs” and the crosses for closing the tabs will be substituted for numbers.

4. Quick start of downloading

Instead of right clicking the mouse button on a link to select “save the object as” option in popped up menu, you can simply drag the link to “downloads” button located on panel of instruments and downloading process will start immediately. To add this button to the panel of instruments just right click it with your mouse and select “Set”. Another excellent option is installing an add-on named “ All in one Sidebar”. In this case you will be able to drag the links to it.

5. Downloading files from the websites (even protected ones)

This trick turned out a real discovery for me!

You certainly had occasions of failure of downloading images, files or videos from a webpage because the web page had been protected. As for me I like saving the pictures from However, most of these pictures are copyright protected and while trying to save the picture I obtained a 1×1 pixel sized empty picture. Earlier I avoided this by making the screenshot and cutting the necessary part. Now everything became 100 times simpler.

It turns out that you can simply right click the necessary webpage and select the “Page Information” in the popped up menu. Then you should choose the tab “Multimedia”. There you will see the list of all files for the given page. Select the necessary file and press the “Save as…” button.

I hope that you reader has found something new from the above-mentioned.

Opera web browser main features

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Opera is a web browser that possesses a number of innovative features:

Easier and faster browsing with tabs
Opera web browser facilitates and speeds up you browsing around different websites by providing tabs, which help you open a number of internet pages within one window.
Helpful hint: You can close all pages or all pages but the one you are using by simply right-clicking on any tab and selecting the appropriate option.

Faster navigation with mouse gestures
In Opera browser you can use mouse gestures (movement of the mouse) to navigate faster between 2ages and links, open and close windows, etc.
Helpful hint: You can use your mouse to go back by holding the right button of your mouse and moving the mouse to the left.

Blocking undesirable pop-up content
With Opera browser you can get rid of pop-up windows with advertisement and the like. Select to block all of them or let Opera open only pop-ups that you have asked.
Helpful hint: To select which pop-up windows to block press F12 on your keyboard. You can also view blocked pop-up windows by clicking on the trash can icon.

Saving and opening sessions
If you usually work with multiples pages at a time then you will definitely like this feature. With Opera browser you can save a set of open pages as a session and then open them later when you need them by a single click.
Helpful hint:To save session go to “File” tab in the menu, then select a “Sessions” option and click on “Save this session” option.

Magnifying and shrinking pages
Opera browser offers you the zoom function to enlarge pages up to one thousand percent or to scale pages down to twenty percent.
Helpful hint: You can immediately zoom in or out by pressing the “plus” or “minus” keys.

Making web pages fit you browser window
With “Fit-to-window” function Opera browser provides you no longer need to scroll horizontally. The browser will adjust the web page so that the page will fit your screen or browser window.
Helpful hint: To apply the function go to the main menu and choose “Fit to window width”.

Changing skins
Tired of the current browser’s appearance? Then select a new skin from the default skins or download more skins from My Opera.

Using the wand
Opera offers its users a password manager named the Wand. The latter remembers the user’s name and password when you log in manually a password-protected website. For later visits you can just click on the Wand button and it will log you in automatically.
Helpful hint: Click on the wand button or press “Ctrl” + “Enter” to automatically fill in the form or log in.

Staying secure
On secure site you will see the small yellow security bar on your browser. It will display the name of the organization that owns the certificate and indicate the level of security present on this website.
Helpful hint: You can view more information relating validity of the certificate, if you click on the security bar.

Verbal commands
The built-in voice feature in Opera browser lets you to control the interface by talking. You can also have documents read aloud. This feature is very flexible and can be easily customized to your needs.
Helpful hint: If you don’t have enough time to read the news, then Opera can read it for you. To use this function, highlight the text to be read and use the command”Opera speak”.

Testing browsers for Mac OS X

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Download - Google Talk
The number of browsers for Mac OS X is growing faster day after day. Nevertheless, as the statistics shows Mac OS users prefer only four of them: Safari, Firefox, Camino and OmniWeb. Namely these browsers have been tested by We would add “Opera” to this group of four, but the authors are evidently not favorably disposed towards it.

Safari or WebKit?
The users of Safari have an unusual choice, they may not even guess about. They may use the official version of the browser, as well as WebKit – a current assembly of the application, which is updated every day. Both of these browsers are identical to each other. The only difference is that the WebKit uses newer version of WebKit environment. The lack of the latter is that sometimes it works unstable or in the most unsuitable moment undocumented “bugs” appear.

Rendering core.
A rendering core is the heart of any browser. Gecko core has been presented earlier in Netscape and is used in many open-source browsers, including Netscape, Firefox and Camino.
WebCore core (kHTML) is also elaborated within the bounds of open-source under cover of Apple, and therefore one can find it in many “alternative” browsers including OmniWeb.
There is a good explanation why Apple picked up kHTML rather than Gecko. The kHTML core is faster and has clear code consisting of less text. On the other hand, Gecko is rather complicated and slower, that will be obviously seen from our speed tests.
Advantages and disadvantages

- Functionality: availability of various plug-ins, additions and themes.
- Good support of CSS and Web-standards as compared with Internet Explorer.
- Is not an original browser for Mac OS X platform
- Uses a Gecko core, which is not working good under Mac OS X
- Has a Windows style interface
- Sometimes may work slowly

OmniWeb Beta
- Uses the most recent WebKit environment
- Possesses a number of interesting functions
- Setting parameters for different websites is possible
- Saving work session
- Favorite links interchange
- Costs money, but who wants to pay for the browser nowadays?

- Convenient to use and stable
- New versions every day
- Sometimes these new versions may be unstable
- Inconvenient architecture of plug-ins

- It looks very much like Mac-application, than Firefox
- Compliance with all the standards of Mac OS X
- Uses Gecko driver that works worse with Mac OS X.

Memory Usage
These figures were taken from Activity Monitor after switching on and opening of one bookmark. For justice sake lets note that memory usage measurement is something subjective, which is being influenced by a lot of factors. The browser “eats off” the memory not only from the number of opened bookmarks, but also from the number installed plug-ins, history, etc.

For testing the speed of page loading we have loaded 12.7MB sized HTML-document and 1.6MB sized graphic JPEG image. Both files were saved on local drive. We received the expected results for all browsers, excluding OmniWeb. The OmniWeb left behind even WebKit by depicting the whole page in 7 seconds.

All browsers, except Camino, have a built-in support of RSS feed. Safari has a full-fledged RSS-rider, which looks a little bit angular in comparison with NewsFire or NetNewsWire. The rest of RSS have a look of “live bookmarks” which are automatically updated in a stated period of time. By clicking such a bookmark you will receive a new list of articles.

PDF Preview
Safari offers a built-in PDF files previewer, which is based on Preview. It works perfect, but the panel of frequently used tools would be a nice addition to it. If you left-click the loaded PDF-document, then you can open it in Preview window, and also change the scale of view.
OmniWeb, Firefox and Camino do not support PDF files preview. These programs load PDF document to the computer desktop and then start Preview to preview it. Only Firefox is asking whether you want to open or to load the file.

Compliance with standards
To check browsers on compliance with standards, Acid2 tests were used. The Gecko core failed the tests, while WebCore did better with these tests.
At the same time, all the browsers passed W3 PNG tests.

Some people will undoubtedly blame us that we don’t like Gecko core. Let’s be frank still. Firefox is an excellent browser, if you use Windows or Linux. On Mac you have to choose among Safari, WebKit and OmniWeb, which are not only Mac user friendly, but also faster and more effective. Each of the presented programs has its own strengths. Firefox’s strength is its wide choice of extra plug-ins.
Eventually, everything leads to the banal comparison of Gecko and WebCore. This comparison threatens to grow ideological. If you like the speed of Firefox, or simply can’t part with your three millions plug-ins, then perfect. As for me I prefer Safari. The life is short, you know.
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