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Sudo for Windows Vista

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Today after a hard working day I had to work a little bit more. I thought of having to readjust Zend Studio by means of fresh installed Java 1.6.0_05. and started doing so to increase Zend Studio’s performance.

To make this I had to edit bat-file, which loads Zend Studio. The file is located in Studio’s subfolder in the C:\Programs Files directory. It’s natural that the copy write belongs only to super admin (administrator). How to make the editing of this file easier?


To edit it I need to start some file manager (Total Commander, Far, explorer) from the administrator’s name and then continue editing in that file manager, or start from the administrator’s name any text editor such as notepad or any other, and then in the window with the list of files I have to select the necessary file and then edit it. Both ways seem inconvenient for me.

Without any hope in success, I have sent a request in Google saying” Sudo windows vista”. I was pleasantly surprised when I got results. Start++ utility can do what I need and even more.

Start++. Sudo.

Start++ is a small utility capable to fulfill some unsophisticated tasks such as start line interception and fulfilling certain actions. The Opera browser users are familiar with this function, as it’s similar to search by entering into the address line the following “g %search_request%”.

The same thing ‘Start++’ makes with a usual windows start line (and the command line as well)

That is after its installation I can press Win+R, start “sudo far” (I will be asked to make a request under administrator’s name) and voila, I will have ‘far’ started under administrator’s name. Instead of ‘far’ I can use any executable file, available in %PATH%.

I feel more comfortable because I am working with Total Commander. I started Total Commander, opened bat file and typed “sudo notepad” Ctrl + Shift + Enter (for those who don’t use Total Commander: Ctrl + Shift + Enter pastes into the address line the complete name of the file lying under cursor), Enter. Hurray! I’m editing the file from the name of administrator.

Now from the command line (any – in win+r, start menu, ‘Total Commander’ or ‘Far’ or even cmd) I can type “g hello world”, and in the browser by default a new window or tab with the appropriate search page in Google will be opened.

All the shortcuts are adjustable.

Startlets( the ones that are available in the first tab) work even when the Start++ is switched off. (When on it hangs in the tray)

The rest of the tabs also contain the search startlets and gadgets for start menu.

Search startlets

Search Startlets can search for something. They can search by various criteria and using the same command line. The search is made in locations, indexed by standard Indexer.

For example, the “pics flight” request will open all of the WMP images, containing “ flight” in their name.

Start menu gadgets

For some unknown reasons this functional didn’t work for me. Its meaning is that some things are displayed right in the start menu, if you just type the request in the search line.

So we get such a diverse program. It was written using .NET as I understood. It has the possibility to broaden functional through writing the script on WSH. It takes less than 1 megabyte of memory and is distributed for free.

Most of all I liked the fact that I won’t have to suffer at the start under administrator’s name.

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