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Opera web browser main features

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Opera is a web browser that possesses a number of innovative features:

Easier and faster browsing with tabs
Opera web browser facilitates and speeds up you browsing around different websites by providing tabs, which help you open a number of internet pages within one window.
Helpful hint: You can close all pages or all pages but the one you are using by simply right-clicking on any tab and selecting the appropriate option.

Faster navigation with mouse gestures
In Opera browser you can use mouse gestures (movement of the mouse) to navigate faster between 2ages and links, open and close windows, etc.
Helpful hint: You can use your mouse to go back by holding the right button of your mouse and moving the mouse to the left.

Blocking undesirable pop-up content
With Opera browser you can get rid of pop-up windows with advertisement and the like. Select to block all of them or let Opera open only pop-ups that you have asked.
Helpful hint: To select which pop-up windows to block press F12 on your keyboard. You can also view blocked pop-up windows by clicking on the trash can icon.

Saving and opening sessions
If you usually work with multiples pages at a time then you will definitely like this feature. With Opera browser you can save a set of open pages as a session and then open them later when you need them by a single click.
Helpful hint:To save session go to “File” tab in the menu, then select a “Sessions” option and click on “Save this session” option.

Magnifying and shrinking pages
Opera browser offers you the zoom function to enlarge pages up to one thousand percent or to scale pages down to twenty percent.
Helpful hint: You can immediately zoom in or out by pressing the “plus” or “minus” keys.

Making web pages fit you browser window
With “Fit-to-window” function Opera browser provides you no longer need to scroll horizontally. The browser will adjust the web page so that the page will fit your screen or browser window.
Helpful hint: To apply the function go to the main menu and choose “Fit to window width”.

Changing skins
Tired of the current browser’s appearance? Then select a new skin from the default skins or download more skins from My Opera.

Using the wand
Opera offers its users a password manager named the Wand. The latter remembers the user’s name and password when you log in manually a password-protected website. For later visits you can just click on the Wand button and it will log you in automatically.
Helpful hint: Click on the wand button or press “Ctrl” + “Enter” to automatically fill in the form or log in.

Staying secure
On secure site you will see the small yellow security bar on your browser. It will display the name of the organization that owns the certificate and indicate the level of security present on this website.
Helpful hint: You can view more information relating validity of the certificate, if you click on the security bar.

Verbal commands
The built-in voice feature in Opera browser lets you to control the interface by talking. You can also have documents read aloud. This feature is very flexible and can be easily customized to your needs.
Helpful hint: If you don’t have enough time to read the news, then Opera can read it for you. To use this function, highlight the text to be read and use the command”Opera speak”.

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dcp said,
in September 19th, 2008 at 5:09 am

Opera is the best browser out there, period.

Adhir Pandit said,
in April 25th, 2009 at 12:00 pm

Opera browser really rocks… Awesome browser….

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