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The New Browsers – Opera 9.5 and Firefox 3

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Recently the news releases of popular browsers version of Opera 9.5 and Firefox 3 were carried out. Too much information about these programs and its reviews is possible to see in Internet today. In this article we have decided to carry out the synopsis of the short review about new browsers possibilities, after that we try to carry out their contrastive analysis.
Opera 9.5

Popular browser Opera of version 9.5 produced by the creators group from Norway, is not just update of early versions, but it’s the big step forward. This version is characterized by perfected total quality of the operation. Many improvements were realized in Opera 9.5, a lot of them were aimed at the increasing of the site rendering velocity. Besides, improvements of searching by history, optimization of the site image, improvement of compatibility with operating systems and many others were carried out.

The Opera browser has won the recognition of many users for time of its existence. The program core enables to process web-pages very fast. Opera operates faster, than Microsoft Internet Explorer. However, fast rendering of site pages is not a single benefit of Opera 9.5. This browser has simple Download Manager, which enables to restore the download processes after its interruptions, IRC client, RSS client and system widgets as small applications such as calendars, calculator, notebook and etc. For this moment creators of Opera Desktop Team already released updated versions of browsers Opera 9.51 and Opera 9.52, which contained several modifications for version 9.5. Few of those essential changes are the improvement of tab drag transfer function, the correction of the problem of the program functioning with list of the search systems and improvement of stability in operation with the user JavaScript. Also several errors were corrected in late version, in accordance with program use of cash memory and function of the processing OCSP and CRL certificates. Besides, Opera 9.5 possesses perfected malware protection from fishing and scumware.

The essential imperfection of new browser is firstly commercial program. Secondly, many users confronted with the incorrect program operation when it was installed over more early versions. In order to avoid it’s recommended to install the new version of Opera after full deinstallation of the previous version, to save before this files containing list of selected site addresses and certificates.

Right behind for new version of Opera 9.5 the new version of once more popular browser Firefox 3 was issued. The innovations executed in this version do browser operation more efficient. The program provides comfortable operating with database of web-sites, which were saved or viewed earlier. It’s possible to mark the sites significant title or category that provides efficient searching for of the necessary site.
There is “clever” panel of the address in new browser, using of which it’s possible faster to find the necessary site. The agency of bookmarks became more simply. It’s possible to place them in quickly access Smart Bookmark Folders, which can be sorted by subjects. And automatic update of those Folders with bookmarks provides the quick access to the most visitting site.
The secure of program operating was also improved. Now user can realize the instant identification of the site to check its authenticity. Besides, FIrefox 3 effectively protects the computer of the user from viruses, trojans, spyware and other malware. When the danger of the attack arises, browser notifies the user by screen warning. All insecure sites are brought in list, which executes the function of the filter. This list is updated automatically.
Firefox 3 has escalated protection from fraudulent site. The Function of the Parental Checking allows to prevent undesirable downloads.
This new browser is fine integrated with anti-virus software that provides more efficient computer protection from virus and unauthorized access.
Firefox 3 has Download Manager, which doesn’t only allow restoring the download processes, and also sorts the loaded files to folders. The Add-ons Manager provides the quick access to all updates for Firefox without needing to visit the site of Mozilla company.
The handle function of the sessions expand allows without problems to continue browser operating interrupted for some reasons.
The Function of the full page zoom also now is available for users. The integrated web-searching provides quick searching for necessary web-resource by means of chosen search system.
Firefox 3 effectively uses the cash memory of the computer. In process of the development the memory leaks have been fixed to make the browser operation more efficiently in Windows operating system.
The fast page rendering and the new graphic slide allow to quickly loading of web-pages in the best quality. But attractive interface provides the quick access to majority often used functions and adjustments.
The essential defect of Firefox 3 is inaccessibility some control panel elements when browser is functioning in Linux operating system, absence of the safety zones and the weaken integration with Active Directory that is necessary in system administrating.

Opera 9.5 or Firefox 3
Both these browsers provide the perfected operation with web-resource. However, it are similarities, but it have several differences.
Opera 9.5 provides the fastest site rendering, but Firefox 3 most effectively uses the memory of the computer. Opera 9.5 better processes with Javascript, however it’s worse than Firefox 3 operates with codes. Besides, Firefox 3 interface is more comprehensible for a lot of the users. The Download Manager of Opera 9.5 allows downloading faster the files, but this element of Firefox 3 provides the more handy operating with loaded files.

It is difficult to decide what you needs, Opera 9.5 or Firefox 3. In any case you should take into account your needs and your computer facilities.

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