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Google Tips and Tricks

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1. Quick Calculator
It’s not of necessity to manipulate by mouse and press bottoms to make cumbersome calculation using Windows calculator. Just enter mathematical expression (with any number of operations and parenthesis) to search engine line of Google and it’ll calculate everything rapidly. In addition the search engine can be used as handy currency converter!

Example No 1: (31337-3.14)/87
Example No 2: 600 USD in RUR

2. Glossary
Use modifier “define” to find definition of some term. You get the same result if you enter human phrase “what is” before entering the term.

Example: define:LDAP

3. Dead sites browser
Sometimes you jump to site and it’s dead. In this case cache Google will help you: a lot of documents are stored there. To realize it you should enter required URL in search line, then you click on “Saved in cache” in search engine results page.

4. Translate any page
Not all of the users know about excellent Web pages translation service - It would be one more resource for banal translating of foreign content, if Google wouldn’t give it’s attention to it. It will not process texts as professional interpreter. But it enables user to understand phrase or sentence sense. Translated page, as usually, screens, but user always can point manipulation mouse at questionable extract and using screen tips to know the original phrase.

5. Auxiliary proxy server
Everyone, who get used to unlimited Internet connection and general allowability in content, it’s a pity to be confronted with severe limits of corporate proxy servers. Sometimes it’s met in schools and universities. If administrator filter requests by black-list, that includes forbidden domains, it’s easy avoided using following request to Google translator:|en&

In this case browser will use search engine, which is not blocked in 99%. In this way you will get required content. Language pair «en|en» indicated in parameters means that content is required to translate from English in English, i. e. leave everything without changing. Of course you can use other languages instead of English.

6. Almost 3 Gb for file storage
Did you have time to appreciate functionality and reasoning of Google Mail service ( yet? So you should to test one more additional thing – Gmail Drive ( While Google set off more than 2 Gb of footprint to every email account, Gmail Drive enables to use it as your own disk. After program installing you will see one more disk in the system that is similar to real. The difference is files really are stored in Internet.

7. Online photograph album
You can upload 1 Gb of your photos to Internet using free account on It’s quite good for service, which enables not only handy to upload, but browse photos in best form. One more development of Google is Pisaca offline program. It’s enables quickly edit and upload to internet photos from your hard disk. Every time you run the program it automatically determinate the location of photos (even those you could forget) and obtain it in visual albums. You should double click by mouse left bottom to upload photos to Internet.

8. Internet cracker
Google is ideal feature for mass searching of attackable scenarios. In details this process is described in article “Google hack for babies” by Forb ( ). However you get 2 thousands of search engine result pages, don’t hurry. To browse all these pages with a lot of unneeded information is hard process. Using such utilities as uf0_google or googler you’ll have possibility to get you want – links. Then you can do what you want: process them manually or use some special program. On address…le=prodreviews you’ll find the great request collection those enable to find attackable scripts.

9. Rapid search for music
Using different modifiers you can adapt Google to searching of music files. Especially positive results are reached when searching process in opened directories, i. e. in folders haven’t html- documents to display, only a lot of files. The listings can be found using key request, as «index of», «last modified», «parent of» in title of document (using the modifier intitle), performer or music composition through exact coincidence (use inverted commas). Then you should set presence of one of music file extension (mp3|wma|ogg) and exclude from search results all dynamic and static pages, as you need only listing compiled by web-server. In the end your request will be look like:

“index of” + “mp3″ + “radiohead” -html -htm –php

Detailed manual you can find on site To avoid the difficulties finished tool of is recommended. It will quickly compile needed request and help to find wanted compositions.

10. Stop the spies!
Google Analytics ( is special service of Google, that helps to web developers to analyze of their site traffic. Using special JavaScript scenarios and cookies it fix all information about every user, including his IP address. This information enables to track down a lot of things we don’t want. So just add in host file of your computer record:

Detailed manual you can find on site To avoid the difficulties finished tool of is recommended. It will quickly compile needed request and help to find wanted compositions.

11. Firefox and Google
Do you think that Google outputs the results in handy form? You are mistaken. Using plagin CustomizeGoogle for FireFox ( the operations with search engine can be more handy. Do you want to take away tiresome advertising? This one and about ten other functions are for you! The innovation - Stream Google search result pages option is also recommended, as it use it’s background to download results from other pages and unite them with one you watch in present moment.

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madridon said,
in August 25th, 2008 at 11:40 am

there is another very cool application for gmail that i use called backup to email you can just right click files and folders and send them to your email account or even schedule backups to gmail.

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