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Yahoo! Widgets vs. Google Gadgets. Go, go, gadget widgets!

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Yahoo! Widgets vs. Google Gadgets

These would be the words of inspector Gadget if he were Yahoo. Widget has been known earlier as Konfabulator. But alas Google uses the term “gadget” (Google gadgets) for Google Desktop application.
Sounds a little bit strange! You may already know that both these applications will make you life simpler.

Yahoo! Widgets.
Yahoo! WidgetsIn year 2003 Konfabulator issued software that could display the information about prices of shares in a set period of time. Initially it was elaborated for Mac OS, and in only at the end of year 2004 Windows version appeared. Apple seems to make plans to widgets, which were built into Tiger version OS X. Tiger was issued in 2005 with the panel of widgets and thereafter there were disputes saying that it was a plagiarism of Konfabulator.

In the middle of the year 2005 Yahoo! began its activity and announced that Konfabulator would be free of charge for both Windows and Mac OS X. Everybody was happy. The developers of Konfabulator would get their millions. The users of Apple would be able to select whether to use the toolbar or Konfabulator. The users of Windows would have to use OS X instruments which they could use on their desktop.

Later Yahoo! got a brilliant idea to rename Konfabulator into Yahoo! Widgets.

Google Gadgets.
Google GadgetsGoogle gadgets are addons for Google Desktop. This software indexes files and documents on users’ computer by key words and thereafter they can be easily found by user.

In version 2 additional news gadgets appeared on the sidebar. These gadgets displayed the information necessary to the user. The third version is known for better search on a desktop. The search could be done for several computers belonging to one Google account.

It is well known that Google Desktop is also a matter of dispute.

Gadgets from Google, as you may know, have made their debut with the issue of Google Desktop 4 only this month.

Comparing applications.

Beauty. Yahoo! widgets visually are more attractive. You must understand that these objects are placed on the desktop and I need that they let me work. I can separate any widget from the sidebar and because it is transparent a can see what is behind it. Yahoo! widgets are beautiful and that is it.

Functionality. Both Companies suggest a lot of widgets and gadgets of other developers and they enable the user to receive any information starting from system processes and ending with the news from other web sites. But Google Desktop let you search for files both on your computer and other computers. As for Yahoo! widgets they can work only with other widgets. I think everything is clear here.

Simplicity of use. Both require basic applications for installation, before applets can be installed and started. Widgets are executable files that are self extracting and installing. In Google you will have to pass through the process of installation each time you download new gadget. You can save widgets in any place and install them when you need. Here you as you see the Yahoo is a winner.

Interface. Widgets can be placed anywhere on your desktop and they can be placed as usual panels in Windows. Widget displays (HUD, known earlier as Konspos? © and Expos © on Mac) show your works in one click. Gadgets can be placed only on a side bar or one by one on your desktop.
Here, Yahoo receives positive mark once more.

My conclusion.

As for me then I completely support Yahoo! Widgets but still depend on some Google services (I use Gmail, Gtalk, Gnotebook and YM and Flickr on Yahoo!). So I use both applications because the capacity of my computer allows me to do so. I’m inclined to use widgets more often because they are more accessible.

Taking into account that both applications consume too many resources, I would rather use browser for accessing to all of these functions.

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