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Firefox and navigation tricks

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In the given small manual I wanted to gather all of the navigation tricks for Mozilla Firefox. They have been collected from the Internet, carefully written down and used. I will try to emphasize only the most interesting about navigation in Firefox, avoiding the description of combinations of hot keys most of you know. These tricks are miscellaneous trifles, but they help us substantially. I’m sure that you know something from the written below. However, I think you will come across something interesting while reading the article. Well, let’s go!

1. By clicking the middle wheel of the mouse when the mouse pointer is over a link, then this link will be opened in a new tab.

2. If you have noticed that while downloading the browser is about to hang then you can think about clearing the history’s memory of your browser.

3. Enter the ‘View’ tab, then select the ‘Panel of instruments’ and pick the ‘Settings’ item. Then drag the ‘Downloads’ button to the panel of instruments. Now you can simply drag any link to the ‘Downloads’ button on the panel of instruments and the downloading process will start immediately.

4. To make the file be downloaded faster click on it with the mouse pointer while holding ‘Alt’ key pressed.

5. To open the link in a new window, click on the link with the mouse pointer while holding the ‘Shift’ button pressed.

6. To open the link in a new tab, click on the link while holding ‘Ctrl’ button pressed.

7. Press ‘Left’ or ‘Right’ key while holding ‘Alt’ key pressed to move along the history of opened pages.

8. Double click with your mouse pointer in the free area of tabs to open a new tab.

9. Few people look into the window with the detailed information about the page and its content. To see this, right click with you mouse pointer over any area of the page and select the ‘page information’ from the popped up menu.

10. While downloading the animated GIF-images you can stop the cycle of displaying by pressing the ‘Esc’ key.

11. By pressing the key containing the “/” symbol you can activate the quick search.

12. Highlight a number of words on a page and drag them to the quick search panel. Firefox will immediately fulfill your search request.

13. By pressing the combination of ‘Alt’ + ’D’ or ‘Ctrl’+ ‘ L’ you will move your cursor to the browser’s address line.

14. Right click on any bookmark and select ‘Properties’ item from the list. In the field named ‘Brief name’ input, for example, ff1. Now if you type ff1 in the browser’s address line you will immediately get to your bookmarked page.

15. There are a great number of search engines. How to add an alias of a certain search engine into Firefox? First, you should enter the website of the required search engine. Then, you should right click with the mouse pointer in the input field and select the item named “Add brief name for this search”. Next input the necessary data. Now you should type in the browser’s address line a brief input name then ‘Space’ and your request.

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