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Ask MAMA what the web is

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Ask MAMA what the web is

Opera has created a search engine that shows how Internet pages are built in World Wide Web. This engine will be available for public use in the next few months and will help browser to view the structure of web pages and make it more compatible with Internet.

Today Opera has announced about the results of indexing web pages MAMA. The indexing includes the tables of styles, scripts and other web elements. From the very beginning Opera has been a leading innovator and MAMA is a proof of profound understanding of Internet by Opera Company.

MAMA is a search engine that looks for over 3.5 million pages and can answer on such questions as “Can I receive the results of the pages that have over 100 links?” or “How on the average a web page looks?” This makes it a dream of web developers.
Internet is complicated and is continuously developing. MAMA data base can give us the answer to the question” How web technologies are used?”- says Снорре М. Grimsby, a vice-president in ensuring of quality of software in Opera.” This is significant in our efforts of testing and ensuring high compatibility, stability and performance of our products. And we want to share it with our colleagues, so that they can use it too.”

MAMA will assist web developers in finding the examples of using functions, viewing the tendencies of technology use and gathering the best results that will show the clients which technologies they should better work with. This will also allow web developers to see what is now happening in the Internet and as a result to increase the quality and compatibility of specifications and web browsers.

MAMA can also answer such questions as” How many web sites use CSS?” (80.4 %) or “How many symbols on the average a web page contains?” (16.4). It can also answer more specific questions such as”Which country uses XMLHttpRequest, as one of the main component of AJAX, most of all?” (Norway, 10.2 %)

MAMA can answer questions that can’t be explained with the help of simple answers. For example, “How many web sites for mobile devices exist?” or “How Web 2.0 is distributed?” Defining Web 2.0 web page is not simple, but it can show which web pages are used by Web 2.0, RSS, JSON, and AJAX. MAMA is ready to provide you with a list of questions which will help you get an answer to the question that interests you.

MAMA is a growing project and it will continue to provide with statistics to help you track the tendencies in real time.

For more information on Opera’s MAMA project, please visit:

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Hi, I noticed that the old opera logo is used. Would you consider updating it. It can also make the site look more attractive to new visitors.
You can get the new opera logos here:

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