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Canlı TV-Radyo

Google's Desktop Gadgets
Download Canlı TV-Radyo
Canlı TV-Radyo is another Google Desktop gadget. This is a simple and convenient gadget that you can use to listen to Turkish radio and watch TV. The gadget will be helpful to all residents of Turkey and will let you view interesting channels and listen to any Turkish radio while sitting before your computer.
Author: Behiç ÇETİN

Download google gadget: Canlı TV-Radyo


Ipselon el Meta Buscador

Search yahoo widgets
Download Ipselon el Meta Buscador
Ipselon el Meta Buscador is another widget for Yahoo Widgets. With the help of this widget you will be able to search for the information in Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines quickly and conveniently. The widget is easy to install and will be helpful to all users that want to find the necessary information quickly. For your comfort you can put the widget’s menu to any convenient place on your desktop.
Author: Ipselon Networks

Download yahoo widget: Ipselon el Meta Buscador


Opera Command

Fun and Games Widgets
Download Opera Command
Opera Command is a widget for Opera. This is an excellent game widget for your browser. The goal of the game is to defend Norway from the attacks of aliens. You will have to defend each city by firing the rockets falling on them. You will have an access to a great number of weapons. The latest version has a laser. The more rockets you destroy, the more points you get. The game has a nice-looking design and plain menu of controls: z, x, and c keys for firing and the mouse pointer for aiming at your target.
Author: zomg

Download opera widget: Opera Command


CoolPreviews for Internet Explorer

IE plugins, Ie addons
Download CoolPreviews for Internet Explorer
CoolPreviews for Internet Explorer is an addon for Internet Explorer. With the aid of this addon you will be able to see where each link leads. You will also be able to see how the web site to which the link leads looks without visiting the web site itself. The addon will help you browse in the Internet more conveniently without visiting the web sites with unnecessary information or visit non-working links.

Download ie addon: CoolPreviews for Internet Explorer


Duck Duck Go Toolbar

Toolbar's extensions
Download Duck Duck Go Toolbar
Duck Duck Go Toolbar is an addon for Firefox. The addon will block the advertisement on more than 42 million web sites. The addon works with such popular web sites as,, etc. With the aid of this addon you will forget about advertisement and will view only clean web sites.
Author: Duck Duck Go.

Download Firefox extension: Duck Duck Go Toolbar


BBC News

News desktop gadgets
Download BBC News
BBC News is a gadget for Google Desktop. With the help of this gadget you will be able to learn about the latest news from all around the world. The gadget collects fresh news from popular web site BBC. The gadget requires no settings to be made and will automatically download the list of fresh news. With the help of one click you will be able to read any news in detail.
Author: Wonx2150

Download google gadget: BBC News


Widget of Change

Games yahoo widgets
Download Widget of Change
Widget of Change is another widget for Yahoo Widgets. By means of the given widget you will be able to read new records from Change something web site everyday. On this web site you will find a lot of funny psychological exercises that you will find interesting. The widget has a pleasant design and is easy to use.
Author: Seth Gunderson

Download yahoo widget: Widget of Change


MINSK webcams

Webcams widgets
Download MINSK webcams
MINSK webcams is one more widget for Opera. This widget will show in its menu video from web cameras installed on the streets of Minsk city. If you like observing cities from web cameras, then this widget will be rather interesting to you. You will be able to see what is now happening on the streets of Minsk city. The widget doesn’t require any adjustments and you will be able to view in its menu the premium quality video. You can view the video at home or at work.
Author: aquamber

Download opera widget: MINSK webcams



IE plugins, Ie addons
Download SearchPerks!
SearchPerks! Perk Counter is an addon for your Internet Explorer browser. This addon will count the number of Internet pages visited by you. The addon will be helpful to all users who want to know how many web sites they have visited. The addon requires no settings and will work as soon as you install it.

Download ie addon: SearchPerks!


Copy Link Name

Web Development Extensions
Download Copy Link Name
Copy Link Name is an addon for your Firefox browser. By means of the given addon you will be able to copy anchor text of the link. Just right click on the text and then select the link’s source anchor and afterwards the addon will copy the text to the clipboard. The addon is easy to install and will be helpful to all users, which work with anchor text.
Author: Captain Caveman

Download Firefox extension: Copy Link Name

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