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Eumetsat Satellite - Loop Europe

Weather yahoo widgets
Download Eumetsat Satellite - Loop Europe
Eumetsat Satellite - Loop Europe is a widget for Yahoo Widgets. With the aid of this widget you can view photographs of Europe taken by satellite. You can magnify any spot on the map with one click. The widget has a nice design and plain menu. Such a widget will let you effortlessly view meteorological photographs. The widget is easy to install and you will not face any problems while working with it.
Author: scottpounder

Download yahoo widget: Eumetsat Satellite - Loop Europe


Sølvit 2

Fun and Games Widgets
Download Sølvit 2
Sølvit 2 is an Opera widget. This is a puzzle game widget for your browser. The goal of the game is to delete the marble balls. You can move the balls and delete only the balls that have the same color. This is the second version of the game that has enhanced graphics and corrected bugs. The game has a pleasant design. It will let you have a nice time at home or at work. If you like games in which you have to think, then this game is just what you need.
Author: vincentvankooten

Download opera widget: Sølvit 2


PepeSearch IE Toolbar

IE toolbars
Download PepeSearch IE Toolbar
PepeSearch IE Toolbar is a toolbar for Internet Explorer. With the help of this toolbar you can find millions of web pages of the necessary information on 48 languages. The given toolbar also blocks op-up windows. With the help of a couple of clicks you can quickly find the necessary information. The toolbar is simple and will work immediately after being installed. You don’t need to adjust the addon. Just install it and you will be able to find any information in the Internet without any problems. The addon is totally complimentary and you can install it on any computer at home and in office

Download ie toolbar: PepeSearch IE Toolbar



Tabs Extensions
Download NewTabURL
NewTabURL is another addon for Firefox. Select the address of the new tab by default. When opening a new tab you can indicate which address it should use: home page, current page or the address typed by you. The addon is easily adjustable and you will not encounter any difficulties while working with it. With this addon you can easily adjust your browser for more convenient work. For example, you can indicate a certain web site that should be opened when you open a new tab and thus you will facilitate your work.
Author: Sogame

Download Firefox extension: NewTabURL


02Mar - The Magazine

Lifestyle desktop gadgets
Download - The Magazine - The Magazine is another gadget for Google Desktop. By means of the given desktop you will be able to read news of magazine straight on your desktop. You can read a lot of interesting articles about health and can know many pieces of advice and so on. Such a gadget will be helpful to each user because it will let you comfortably read the news from, an online magazine. The gadget has a pleasant design that makes reading news comfortable and requires no settings to be made. Just install the gadget and it will immediately be ready for work.
Author: Gregory Schnese

Download google gadget: - The Magazine



News yahoo widgets
Download PsychWidget
PsychWidget is one more widget for Yahoo Widgets. This widget is created for students, professionals and users, who are interested in psychology. The widget will display in its menu news and stories about psychology all around the globe. You can look for the information among thousands of various psychological web sites and forums, search for the news and so on. The widget has a nice-looking design and lets you save time needed to search for the necessary information on psychology. You can put the widget’s menu in any convenient place on your desktop and it will always be at your fingertips.
Author: spnwidget

Download yahoo widget: PsychWidget


Persian Calendar

Time and Date Widgets, Clock Widgets
Download Persian Calendar
Persian Calendar is a widget for Opera. This is a simple widget for your browser. The widget is very simple and displays in its menu the current date, month and the year. The widget requires no adjustments. It will display the date as soon as you install it. Just dispose the widget in any convenient place and it will always be before your eyes.
Author: amin.programmer.

Download opera widget: Persian Calendar


News Watch

IE plugins, Ie addons
Download News Watch
News Watch is an addon for Internet Explorer. If you frequently track the updates of information on great number of web sites then you will probably be interested in this addon. In the addon you have to indicate the addresses of web sites you have to track and the time after which the addon will update the data from these web sites. Such an addon can save the time needed for manual viewing of these web sites and at the same time you will always be in the know of the information you are interested in. You can try the addon for free and after the trial period is over you will have to acquire it.

Download ie addon: News Watch



Appearance Extensions
Download Fierr
Fierr is an addon for Firefox. This is a plain addon that will be useful to any user. Now when you make a mistake an addon will display a beautifully decorated page. This page contains three buttons: back, refresh and search. If there is no connection to the Internet the given page will also contain the button that will help you connect to the Internet. The addon is simple and convenient and will let you with your browser more comfortably.
Author: RealityRipple

Download Firefox extension: Fierr

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