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Hindu Religious Quotes

Lifestyle desktop gadgets
Download Hindu Religious Quotes
Hindu Religious Quotes is one more gadget for Google Desktop. This gadget will display in its menu random quotations of Mahabharata, Upanishad, Ramayana, Vishnu, etc. The gadget has a pleasant design in which you can easily read quotations. The gadget will automatically display them in its menu and you will be able to read them whenever you like. The gadget is easy to install in a couple of clicks and requires no settings. You can move the gadget’s menu to any place on your desktop, you find convenient. Besides, it will always be near at your hand.

Download google gadget: Hindu Religious Quotes


Mini Have A Day

Games yahoo widgets
Download Mini Have A Day
Mini Have A Day is a nice widget for Yahoo Widgets. This widget is useless, but can put you in good mood. The widget displays in its menu various smileys and quotations. Usually the smiley is related with the quotation. If the quotation congratulates you on your birth date, then the smiley looks festively. You can put the widget to any convenient place on your desktop.
Author: Daniel Radtke

Download yahoo widget: Mini Have A Day



Miscellaneous Widgets
Download rss2mail
rss2mail is a widget for Opera. This widget is meant for simpler access to rss2mail service. With the help of the given widget you will be able to receive the news from any RSS news feeds directly in your e-mail address. Thus you can read the news of your favorite web sites and blogs. As soon as fresh news appears, it will be sent to your mail. The widget is very simple and will let you read news at any time regardless of your current location.
Author: gcampos

Download opera widget: rss2mail


Sonerie Toolbar

IE toolbars
Download Sonerie Toolbar
Sonerie Toolbar is a toolbar for Internet Explorer. This is a plain and convenient toolbar for effective search of games, materials, wallpapers and other applications for your cell phone. The toolbar works very fast and substantially saves your time needed to search for the necessary cell phone. The search will e made on web sites in more than 62 countries on 20 languages. The toolbar works on 5 different languages. This is a helpful and free toolbar for searching whatever you want for your cell phone.

Download ie toolbar: Sonerie Toolbar


JavaScript Debugger

Web Development Extensions
Download JavaScript Debugger
JavaScript Debugger is another addon for your Firefox browser. The addon you can effortlessly view, edit JavaScript on any Internet page. With this addon you can easily edit any JavaScript. The addon is simple and doesn’t require any special settings.
Author: James Ross, Robert Ginda, Gijs Kruitbosch

Download Firefox extension: JavaScript Debugger


Syao Dong – The Day of Love

Google's Desktop Gadgets
Download Syao Dong – The Day of Love
Syao Dong – The Day of Love is a Google Desktop gadget. This gadget is completely in Chinese and will be helpful to everyone who fell in love. The gadget has a form of a card that you can give to your darling. The gadget has a nice-looking design and will look perfect on any desktop. You will not have difficulties while working with gadget and you can move it to any place on your desktop.
Author: Deng Fanxin

Download google gadget: Syao Dong – The Day of Love



Utilities yahoo widgets
Download HexDeCoder
HexDeCoder is another widget for Yahoo Widgets. The widget decodes HEX values. This is a perfect widget for working with HEX values. The widget works with UTF-16 or UTF-8 encryption. The widget is simple and convenient and lets you type the word to see how it looks in binary, octonary, etc. code. You can also type the value to see the word. The widget is plain and convenient and will be helpful to anyone who works with HEX values. The widget doesn’t require any settings to be made and will work as soon as you install it.
Author: Merlin

Download yahoo widget: HexDeCoder


Widgets Tutorial

Miscellaneous Widgets
Download Widgets Tutorial
Widgets Tutorial is a widget for Opera. This simple widget will teach you the basics of using widgets. If you have never used widget before, then now with the help of this addition to your browser you will easily learn this. The widget is very simple and requires no settings. In its menu you can effortlessly read different lessons on using widgets.
Author: Opera widgets

Download opera widget: Widgets Tutorial



IE plugins, Ie addons
Download EasyWebBase
EasyWebBase is an addon for Internet Explorer. With the help of this addon you can save the entire web page or the selected text on the web page in Word/RTF, Text, HTML formats and then manage these files conveniently. The addon lets you manage the saved documents more conveniently. You can also add these documents to your browser’s bookmarks and then obtain an instant access to them. You can save a lot of opened web pages at once, by indicating their format and setting the name mask before saving these web pages. Such an addon will be helpful to any user. You will be able to view the information from web pages in a more convenient form and always know where the documents created by you are.

Download ie addon: EasyWebBase



Download Management Extensions
Download CacheViewer
CacheViewer is an addon for Firefox. The addon enables you to view the cache of the browser. In the cache you can view the files saved by your browser. You can find there different photographs, saved pages and other files. This is a plain and comfortable addon for viewing the cache of your browser.
Author: benki

Download Firefox extension: CacheViewer

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