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IE plugins, Ie addons
VSPopUp is an addon for Internet Explorer. This small addon will block pop-up windows in your browser. In contrast to the similar programs you will not have to add pop-up windows to the memory of this addon, to make it block them in future. The addon automatically detects if there any pop-up windows on a website and blocks them. Thanks to this addon the speed of pages loading will considerably increase and besides you will save your traffic.

Download ie addon: VSPopUp


Digg Firefox Extension

Social and Communication Extensions
Digg Firefox Extension
Digg Firefox Extension is an add-on for Firefox. The add-on is meant for more convenient work with social news website. For example, when you visit certain page you can view whether it was added to Digg. If the answer is positive, then what comment were left there? You can also add any web page to Digg and comment it. You can view the most popular news on Digg, view the news by particular category and leave your comments for the news you liked.
Author: Kurt Wilms.

Download Firefox extension: Digg Firefox Extension


I Ching

Games yahoo widgets
I Ching
I Ching is a widget for Yahoo Widgets. This is an oracle widget for your desktop. With this widget you will be able to read the leaves and know the answer to the questions you are interested in. The widget has an amazing design and is not complicated in controls. The widget uses the method of predicting originating 2500 years ago. This widget is simple and convenient. You can choose either English or Spanish in the widget’s settings. For comfortable work you can arrange the widget to any convenient place on your desktop.
Author: Jorge Vilas

Download yahoo widget: I Ching


Flip it!

Fun and Games Widgets
Flip it!
Flip it! is a widget for Opera. With this widget you can turn over any text. For example, you can take any text and turn over all of the letters it contains. After such manipulations the text becomes difficult to read and copying it becomes useless. To retrieve the normal view of the text you should insert it to this widget again. The widget has a pleasant style and plain menu. You can use the widget for various purposes and everyone, who sees this text, will be amazed.
Author: yeeliberto.

Download opera widget: Flip it!


Incredi IE Manager

IE plugins, Ie addons
Incredi IE Manager
Incredi IE Manager is an addon for Internet Explorer. This addon will substantially expand the possibilities of your browser. The given addon will let you block pop-up windows, simply and conveniently save flash files and images, check spelling while writing down comments, news or mail, check the links, etc. You will also be able to clear your browser from temporary files and thus increase the speed of browser’s work and free additional space on your hard drive. The addon is completely free of charge and will work immediately after being installed.

Download ie addon: Incredi IE Manager


Tab Scope

Tabs Extensions
Tab Scope is an add-on for Firefox. The add-on opens a small window where you can see the next tab, when you switch between the tabs. Such method of switching between tabs makes the work with browser more convenient. This add-on doesn’t require any specific adjustments. The add-on doesn’t run properly with Mac OS X.
Author: Gomita

Download Firefox extension: Tab Scope


Info Bar

Clocks yahoo widgets
Download Info Bar
Info Bar is a widget for Yahoo Widgets. The widget is small in size and will be useful for any user. With this widget you will always be in the know about different information about your system, such as the amount of energy left in battery and the condition of the wireless network connection. With the help of this widget you can adjust the volume, can know the current time and date, can set an alarm clock for certain time or set a timer. The widget is simple and convenient, and will not take much space on your desktop. Besides it will be very useful for you.
Author: Titanium

Download yahoo widget: Info Bar



Fun and Games Widgets
Download Cards4piles
Cards4piles is a widget for Opera. This is a game widget for your browser. Spread the cards into piles so that each pile’s total cards value is equal to 21 points (then the pile can be taken away). Jack, Queen and King equal to 10 points, Ace – 1 or 11 points. Joker makes the pile equal to 21 points at once. If the pile contains more than 21 points, then it becomes blocked and you cannot use it till the end of the game. The aim of the game is to spread all cards. The game has a pleasant menu and plain menu of controls. You can play this game at home or in your office.
Author: Elegorod

Download opera widget: Cards4piles


Favorites Management Master

IE plugins, Ie addons
Download Favorites Management Master
Favorites Management Master is an addon for Internet Explorer. With the help of this addon you can manage your favorite bookmarks of the websites more effectively and comfortably. When you visit a lot of web sites you will undoubtedly collect a big set of bookmarks for different websites. In order not to be confused you can use this addon. The addon will help you quickly find the required bookmark, sort it by categories and so on. The main advantage of the addon is that it’s completely free and you can use it on your office or home computer.

Download ie addon: Favorites Management Master


Xippee Firefox Extension

Search Tools Extensions
Download Xippee Firefox Extension Download Xippee Firefox Extension
Xippee Firefox Extension is an add-on for Firefox. The add-on will let you make visual searches in Google, Yahoo, MSN and other popular searching systems. Just click twice on any word highlighted in the search results. Afterwards you will see the menu with “plus” and “minus” buttons, which will assist you in expanding or diminishing the search results by selected word. This is a convenient add-on for more effective search of necessary material in the Internet.
Author: Robert Bunn

Download Firefox extension: Xippee Firefox Extension


iTunes Companion

Plugins yahoo widgets
Download iTunes Companion
iTunes Companion is a widget for Yahoo Widgets. This widget is a convenient tool for all users of iTunes. The widget will display the cover of the currently playing track, and also will find the links to these songs on and you will be able to download the songs to your hard drive. All found images are automatically saved on your hard drive. With the help of this widget you can also find the lyrics to these songs.
Author: Knut August Joh

Download yahoo widget: iTunes Companion


Scripts of the World

Science Widgets
Download Scripts of the World
Scripts of the World is a widget for Opera. With this widget you can write the text on any language of the World. For example, earlier to write the text on other language you had whether to change the keyboard’s layout or look in the Windows settings. With this widget you will do nothing. Just select the necessary language and you can write on it immediately. The widget supports the work with any language. Besides you can always download new languages on the developer’s website.
Author: Opera widgets

Download opera widget: Scripts of the World


FirstStop WebSearch Standard Edition

IE plugins, Ie addons
Download FirstStop WebSearch Standard Edition
FirstStop WebSearch Standard Edition is an addon for Internet Explorer. With the help of this addon you can search the required information more comfortably. When searching with this addon you will see the results of the search in a convenient form to the left of menu. The menu will contain the links relevant to your request. You can use the link and obtain the required information. The addon has a simple menu that will not cause any problems to you. The addon is totally free and will work immediately after being installed.

Download ie addon: FirstStop WebSearch Standard Edition


Quick TransLation (qtl)

Language Support Extensions
Download Quick TransLation (qtl) Download Quick TransLation (qtl)
Quick TransLation (qtl) is an add-on for Firefox. The add-on is meant for translation of the required word. Just highlight the word that you don’t know and then a pop-up window with the translation will appear. The add-on is localized to many languages, so you can obtain the translation almost on any language. This is a superb add-on for everyone. No matter, if you are learning a language or simply reading this add-on will help you obtain a fast translation for any word.
Author: gkutiel

Download Firefox extension: Quick TransLation (qtl)


NY Times Reader

Spotlight yahoo widgets
Download NY Times Reader
NY Times Reader is a widget for Yahoo Widgets. With the help of this widget you will be able to read news from New York Times straight on your desktop. The widget has a pleasant design and is perfectly decorated. The widget displays in its menu the RSS news feed from New York Times. With this widget you will always be aware about the latest news from the entire World. If you want to read the details then the widget will open the link to the full page news.
Author: Todd Lininger D.

Download yahoo widget: NY Times Reader



Fun and Games Widgets
Download Auto
Auto is a widget for Opera. This is a widget of game for your browser. The game is very simple. You will receive points for getting the same figures. If you have got the same figures, you win, otherwise lose. The detailed explanation of the game rules you will find in the widget. The widget has a pleasant style and simple menu of controls. In the settings you can set what the number of figures should be present: 3×3 or 4×4. The more difficult the game is, the more coins you receive. This is an excellent game that will enable you have a fun time at home or in your office.
Author: vaccha

Download opera widget: Auto


Webpage Capture

IE plugins, Ie addons
Download Webpage Capture
Webpage Capture is an addon for Internet Explorer. With the help of this addon you can make a screenshot of any website viewed by you. The addon can make the screenshot of context menu of the browser, namely you can make a screenshot of any web site. You can save your images in GIF, TIFF, PNG and BMP formats. Such an addon will be especially useful to web masters, who make the snapshots of websites for their portfolio. The addon is absolutely free of charge and is easy and convenient to work with.

Download ie addon: Webpage Capture


SwitchProxy Tool

Privacy and Security Extensions
Download SwitchProxy Tool
SwitchProxy Tool is an add-on for Firefox. The add-on enables your browser to switch quickly and easily between different proxy servers. If you are worried about your safety and confidentiality, then with this add-on you will be able to switch between proxy servers easily and use several proxy servers at the same time. The add-on is easy to install, so you won’t encounter any problems while adjusting it.
Author: Jeremy Gillick.

Download Firefox extension: SwitchProxy Tool

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