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To-do lists - Opera Widget

Miscellaneous Widgets

To-do lists

A new Opera widget called dotoo can help you to manage your everyday things to be done. The current 1.1 version has an improved user interface and some utilization betterments. Moreover, now you can edit you to-do list.

Download To-do lists


Analog Clock Widget

Time and Date Widgets, Clock Widgets

Analog Clock

Have a new analog clock v1.3 right in your Opera browser. Now Linux users can feel much comfortable applying it. Tired of one view of the clock - switch to another. Now you can choose among 4 skins, by simply clicking on analog clock’s dial.

Download Analog Clock


touchtheSky Widget

Weather Widgets


TouchtheSky is another widget for opera users, who are worried about weather. With TouchtheSky you will receive automatically renewed detailed information on international weather. This information includes:- Temperature
- Air quality, such as humidity and UV levels
- Speed of wind
- Forecast for next five days
- Phases of moon
- Global coverage – all you need to do is to type the name of your town and find
- Actual temperature from AccuWeather
- Images received from satellites
- Every half-hour updates of information
- Mini mode in which you will always have the TouchtheSky in the corner of your screen.
- Different skins are available for TouchtheSky
- You can be notified in case new updates are present
- Compatible with Windows and Macintosh operating systems
- If your computer has a slower CPU you can disable animations.

Download touchtheSky


SimAquarium Widgets

Time and Date Widgets, Clock Widgets


Have you ever dreamed to own an aquarium with beautiful exotic fish swimming inside? Now with new opera widget called SimAquarium your dreams will come true. SimAquarium is a simulation game where you are given an aquarium and can purchase and sell various fishes, plants and rocks. You can even purchase various lighting to make your aquarium lit with different intensity. You can play with your fishes and feed them. To make money you have to breed fish and then sell them. Now you can choose among twenty eight manifold species of fishes with various characteristics. The more money you earn the bigger and more beautiful fishes, better aquarium lighting and garnishments you can obtain.

Download SimAquarium


Time and Date 1.32 Widget

Time and Date Widgets, Clock Widgets

Time and Date 1.32

Time and date v1.32 is a calendar opera widget that can be easily modified according to your preferences. With the help of its reminders you won’t miss any important events of your life.Version 1.32 is now available in Greek too. Some of the language files as well as CSS were corrected. Previously present insignificant bugs were fixed and codes amended.

Download Time and Date 1.32


VideoDownloader Widget

Videos, TV, Movies Widgets


Now with new video download widget you can download videos straight from the websites offering the videos. (YouTube, Google Video and more.) The widget is running with the help of engine.

Download VideoDownloader


Torus Widget

Fun and Games Widgets


Have a new analog clock v1.3 right in your Opera browser. Now Linux users can feel much comfortable applying it. Tired of one view of the clock - switch to another. Now you can choose among 4 skins, by simply clicking on analog clock’s dial.

Download Torus


Flash Video Downloader Widget

Videos, TV, Movies Widgets


With the new easy-to-use Flash Video Downloader you can make fast downloads of flash video from video sharing websites such as Google, MySpace and YouTube. Its fool-proof design ensures that you do everything just right. All you need to do to download your favorite flash video is to enter the URL address of the video and click with a mouse pointer on “Download!” button.At present you can enjoy the Flash Video Downloader to download flash videos from the following websites:,,,,,, and many others.

Download Flash Video Downloader


EduMap Widget

Travel, Maps Widgets


Are you fond of geography and want to further enhance your knowledge in this field? No problem! Download new EduMap widget and learn the locations of the countries, states and capitals in the form of the game. EduMap lets you select among various playing modes. It provides you with high scores, so that you can easily track your progress in learning process.The EduMap widget lets you choose either the entire mainland or a part of countries and then be asked questions on their locations. In the standard mode you can learn the name of the country or state, its capital, population and area by simply pointing at this country or state.
In manifold quiz modes you will have to show what you have learned. And you can always check high scores, which are recorded on your system and depend on the time of completion and percentage correct. EduMap widget lets you change the scale of maps without any loss of quality.
At present the EduMap contains maps of the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, and the United States. In the future more maps may be added to this collection.
EduMap is also present in Russian and we will continue with more language support.

Download EduMap


Stop-watch - opera widget

Time and Date Widgets, Clock Widgets


This widget is a computer version of an ordinary stop-watch used to time events such as races. It has start, stop and reset buttons, which currently come with English and Russian translations and new translations, can be added as well.

Download Stop-watch

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